10 ‘Fido-Friendly’ Trails in Grays Harbor

Baby, it’s cold outside. But Fido still needs exercise. And so do you. Here are ten top Grays Harbor trail options for both of you. In no particular order:    ABERDEEN Lake Swano Trail at Grays Harbor College Distance: 1.5 … Continued

12+ Great Pacific Northwest Trails To Get Your Heart Going & Your Mind Slowing

Walking is a natural activity with many health and mental benefits. So is hiking. Hiking offers all the health and other benefits associated with walking. Think of hiking as walking with attitude. In the Great Outdoors. Here are 14 Pacific … Continued

Camp Kitchen: Hungry Boys Casserole!

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Camping with a ravenous horde disguised as four teen and pre-teen boys is an adventure. I spent years scouring cookbooks, the Internet, and other sources for “quick and easy” meal options and healthy menus. This page is dedicated to helping … Continued